Every morning I wake up wondering, ‘what led for humans to become so ignorant and arrogant?’

Blinded by our ego and inability to see beyond our limited perception of the universe, humanity has created a bubble that is self-centered with sole focus on ‘HUMANS’ themselves.

It is not only preposterous but almost vain with our entire perspective revolving around our self-righteous approach of looking at the world.

While reading this article, you may think of it as rather a pessimistic view but let me assure you – it’s more of a look in the mirror as to how incapable we have become from facing the truth of all the lies we have built over thousands of years of our living.

We have created a delusional world with superficial elements being the primary aspect governing its existence.

Although we have raised our quality of living and health infrastructure around the globe, which is evident by the increase in life expectancy among humans, but at the same time there’s an underlying darkness of unhappiness and misery surmounting the shadows of humanity.

We may be living better in a materialistic sense, but on the contrary, we are becoming unhappier and completely ignorant by the day.

This year has brought a shock for humanity, and although the hope is that humans will learn from it and start looking in the mirror to introspect in order to see beyond their ego centric selves.

But the willingness for people to not change even after a crisis such as this years’, which clearly paints the picture that the world maybe a better place without humanity in it, simply shows us how utterly fractured we have become as a species.

We are governed by a philosophy that tells us, ‘we need to change the world’. But the world doesn’t need changing. We do. We are the problem. And the biggest problem of it all is that we have created our own idea of a world, where humans are the primary force of existence and everything else doesn’t matter or is irrelevant.

This way of being alone is the most destructive approach to living, which is clearly evident by our actions in the last many centuries of endless wars, and greed driven exploitation of everything and anything that can be exploited.

I don’t know what the future holds for humanity but I do think that until or unless we look in the mirror and realize that the entire world doesn’t revolve around us, and we are not the only thing that matters, we will never truly get out of this ignorant and ego-centric way of living.

The evolution of human consciousness is in recognizing that we are not above anything, and we are not here to destroy rather to facilitate creation.

There’s a fundamental problem with how we look at the world, and until every individual is willing to address this problem for themselves, no matter how painful it may seem to break out of the rampant structures of ego we have built through our entire beings, we will never truly understand the significance of this life.