The Nomadic lifestyle has come to a halt with the world coming to a pause. The outbreak of coronavirus has affected the travel industry dramatically with people forced to cancel all their travel plans.

Several months ago, booking a flight, or taking a train was a casual activity for many. It almost seems like an unimaginable reality in the present-day scenario. Even leaving your house to get essential supplies has mutated into a daring task in many countries, where strict lockdown restrictions and wave of fear surmounts the air.

Experts have repeatedly suggested that until a vaccine is developed and the whole world can be vaccinated, we have to get used to the “new normal”.

Vaccinating the worlds population of over 7 billion people will spring for a mammoth challenge for humanity, but by the time we reach that point, the world as we know it would have already changed in its tapestry.

With an economic impact too devastating to uphold with their drying reserves, countries around the globe are desperate to open their economies even if that may call for a collapse of the healthcare systems, which are already overburdened by the outbreak of the virus.

A life where social distancing, wearing masks and minimal physical touch with other humans, is becoming the norm. A deep psychological impact is being generated in the minds of the people.

Even if domestic flights and trains are to open up in the coming months with strict measures of social distancing and protective equipment at play, a sense of fear will certainly prevail among individuals. They will be wary of traveling by a transport that brings them in close proximity with others.

Maybe, road trips and people using their personal vehicle as a means of transportation will become the most usable form of moving around, but even then – there will be limitations. With countries having closed their borders, international travel almost seems out of the question. The closest that can possibly happen is interstate traveling within a country using a car, van or a motorcycle.

These are unprecedented times and nature is certainly telling us something.

It is restricting our movement. Deeply impacting our biology as social animals who need the help and support of a community to survive and be happy. Although connecting through digital world using technology has risen in these times, still humanity is going through a forceful intervention by nature itself.

Our definitions of working and studying are changing with everything transitioning into a digital scale. And all the work that can’t be done digitally is facing a crisis of its own, which isn’t just going to end with corona but will linger on.

Being a writer who finds inspiration through his travels, these are moments that certainly make you acknowledge the things you took for granted before and how moving forward, if we are to create a more harmonious and peaceful world, we will have to make changes in how our world operates.

The pain and suffering humanity is currently going through almost seems karmic, with our destructive actions getting accounted for by nature, who has been for the longest of times tasting the mayhems of our ignorance.

If we were to detach ourselves from the present day human suffering. Everything that is happening in the world almost seems like something that was meant to happen in order for us to wake up and realize what is truly important in life.

Just maybe, all of this will bring some sense into our ways of being, where instead of promoting a superficial and wasteful way of living, we will consciously start adapting a more wholesome and natural way of living.

Localization of economies along with a sense of taking care of our immediate communities may provide for a future path for a world that can globally connect on a cultural ground rather than solely on an economic one.

Somethings are bigger than us and merely out of our control. We have to look at these times as a period of hibernation, and use it for an opportunity to ground ourselves with the soil. Rest our bodies. Evolve our minds. Travel within ourselves.

It is time to give traveling a new dimension of existence. We can travel through the depths of our being to access the most vital knowledge of what is needed from us to truly connect with nature and ourselves.

Abundance of clarity and solidarity awaits our presence, if only we are willing to break our definitions of what we think is possible to simply let life show us through our evolution of breaking past our fears.