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Kartikeya Ladha

About The Author

Born in Gwalior, a historical town in India, Kartikeya Ladha grew up immersed in the richness of India’s vibrant customs and family life, and was educated in a rigid educational system at The Scindia School, a relic from the days of the British Raj.

After completing high school, Kartikeya left India to attend Northeastern University in Boston, USA, where he concentrated on Management and Entrepreneurship. After graduation he moved to Brooklyn, New York and worked for a start-up solar company as a door-to-door salesman and soon became a team leader.


Publish on 26-oct-2018

“The moment you let go of everything that stops you from unleashing your full potential, is the moment you move beyond the influence of unhinged shadows that hold your heart from fully dreaming in a state of utmost clarity.”


Dream Beyond Shadows

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New Edition Of Dream Beyond Shadows


Dream Beyond Shadows

One winter’s night the writer renounced his American dream of building a life in New York City to follow an enigmatic inner voice and embrace an unknown path, which goes on to occasion a life-changing journey in Peru, South America.

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